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Deer Tick w/ The Derailers and Turbo Fruits @ Antone’s 4/29

Spending Sunday night at a rock show . . . now that is badass! How about seeing Deer Tick at Antone’s this Sunday, with Turbo Fruits and The Derailers? Deer Tick is a band that cannot be tied down be genre conventions. Seriously, they do what they want, and each tune of theirs stands alone, immune to categorization. One minute, you’ve got distorted guitar and raucous vocals from front man John McCauley, and the next folksy, acoustic plucks and heartfelt piano melodies.

It’s true that seeing Deer Tick live is a very different experience than simply listening to their albums through headphones on your iPod. These guys know how to put on an exciting show; their sets have gained notoriety from their signature raw, passionate and energetic vibe onstage. Their latest EP Tim is truer to their live performance aura; that loud adrenaline and heartfelt angst common at their live shows seems to have been immortalized on record.

These guys aren’t country, folk, Americana or rock – they’re everything, blended aimlessly but very respectably into something completely unique and completely unaware of what’s musically popular right now. Deer Tick is Deer Tick because they don’t give a frick!

Let’s not forget about the awesome openers, too! The Derailers are an Austin-based country band that originated out of Portland, Oregon. The guys have been around for quite a while, with their first LP Live Tracks dating back to 1995. They have quite an extensive discography, and their warbly, twangy guitar sound, rich vocals and upbeat tunes make for great dancing tunes!

And finally, Turbo Fruits. If they’re from Tennessee, you pretty much just know they’re going to rock. This Nashville quartet are all about good ol’ rock & roll, throwing in melodic oooohs and ohhhhs as well as catchy whistle-riffs to their choruses. Their latest album, Butter was recorded right here in Austin with help from Spoon’s Jim Eno. Butter follows Turbo Fruits’ 2009 Echo Kid and their 2007 debut album. Turbo Fruits’ rock style is a carefree blend of punk, surf rock and catchy pop, and I’ll bet that after Sunday’s show at Antone’s, you’ll be Spotifying the crap out of them. Just you wait.

So, the show starts at 8pm this Sunday at Antone’s. Be sure to enter on Do512 for a chance to win free tickets!