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Oktoberfest Meat and Greet @ Volstead Lounge

Thank you, Germany, for giving us yet another holiday in which we can celebrate strong beer and specialty sausage.  October will conclude the 16 day celebration that has been the cornerstone of German culture for the last 200 years.

Volstead Lounge is bringing the world’s largest fair to Austin with their 5th “Meat and Greet.”  At 7pm the Oktoberfest festivities will commence with- you guessed it- German beer and complimentary (Free!) German food. Volstead is going all out with local chef Zack Northcutt and award-winning mixologist Justin Elliott.

This isn’t your run of the mill meat party.  Your palette will be in sensory overload with three very distinct pork sausage selections, with the first two being traditional and the third being experimental:

  1. Traditional Oktoberfest accompanied by traditional sauerkraut.
  2. German/Italian fusion paired with potato salad.
  3. Pork and gummy bears along with Jagermeister mustard.

Who in their right mind would pair pork and gummy bears?  The bigger question is who wouldn’t want to try it?  Throw in a signature cocktail menu featuring premier German spirits and you have yourself one helluva meat and greet.  Grab your stein and lederhosen and head over to the biergarten for an  über good time.


MEAT and Greet at The Volstead Lounge Tonight!

Have you ever had goat? Well, if you haven’t (and that includes yours truly), you’re in luck! Tonight the International Food and Drink Society is hosting their inaugural Austin Chapter Meat and Greet. And since we’re all ready to kick off the summer, they’ve picked the finest bar around for Caribbean rum and cocktails.

The Volstead Lounge at Hotel Vegas will host an Island-Style Goat Roast, and the food is totally and completely 100% free, which, as we all know, makes it more delicious. That’s just science. Mark Meyer of designSTUDIO will be the king roaster, and there will also be roasted local corn and beans for the veggie-loving crowd. Once your belly is full, enjoy a Daiquiri, a Dark and Stormy, a Painkiller, or any other signature Caribbean cocktails from the new Volstead Lounge Rhum Bar while you dance your booty off to DJ Orion.

Don’t miss out on delicious goat and authentic Caribbean drinks tonight at the Volstead Lounge at Hotel Vegas! Check out more info on the event page at Do512.

The Noble Experiment – Volstead Lounge 1/17

Ok see, you’re in for a real darb history lesson now ok see?

Hello class, welcome to your Tuesday afternoon history lesson. This is a lesson regarding a time of despair. A time of furrowed brows. A time of tears, sorrow, and irritable moods that reach far more citizens than this year’s republican candidate’s super PACs. Ah the noble experiment.

No we aren’t talking about the time in a young man’s life when he stops falling into a pile of giggles at the word “toot,” (aw he’s noble now!) We are referring of course to the historical period of time in the United States where the sale, manufacture and transport of alcohol was banned which spanned from 1920-1933.

The National Prohibition Act was also known, less formally, as the Volstead Act. This enabled the legislation for the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and was named after a really fancy gent named Andrew Volstead who managed the legislation. Bastard.

WHAT did 20 somethings in the 20 somethings blame awkward hook ups on?? Sugar highs? Oooo never mind, they didn’t at all looks like.


Check this: ”no person shall manufacture, sell, barter, transport, import, export, deliver, or furnish any intoxicating liquor except as authorized by this act.”

—- way to go dummies this just SCREAMS for everyone everywhere to figure out how to break the rules.

Imagine Austin’s economy in times of prohibition. Gasp wheeze goodbye. We like booze.

The Volstead Lounge is taking next Tuesday to celebrate the fact that they are, in fact, allowed to sell beer and that their name is real funny now that you know the history behind it. Go commend them on their fabulous use of irony and throw back some moonshine handcrafted cocktails…because…you…can. Thank you 21st Amendment (the only instance in history in which a repeal of a previous constitutional amendment took place.)  East Side Dandies will be playing so that you feel perfectly appropriate in the 1920′s attire that you’re going to wear. You should wear it, anyways. You get a free drink if you do ya little rag-a-muffin.

Vintage photo booth provided and no apple sauce will be fed ya in this a here joint unless it’s darn well deserved, baby vamp. Stay fried on that giggle water and bring your floorflusher friends because we’s about to get down like a beloved jalopy on a cobblestone road.