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5 Questions From The Do512 Lounge

shiner sessions The Shiner Sessions were launched on January 30, 2011, with a performance by The Black Angels. Since then, more than 150 bands from all over the world have played in the Do512 Lounge. The sessions are made possible by the support of Shiner Beers, who believe in good beer and supporting musicians. We decided to have some fun with the bands who have previously performed in the Lounge, asking each of them for responses to the same five questions. Here were our inquiries:

  1. Where are you right now?
  2. What were some of your favorite albums of 2012?
  3. If you were a band/musician in the 70s, what would your band name have been?
  4. What are you looking forward to in 2013?
  5. Fill in the blank: When in Austin, always make sure to _____, and never _____.

What we gathered from this line of questioning is:

  1. A lot of musicians check their e-mail while in the bathroom.
  2. Many of them enjoyed Tame Impala’s new album.
  3. They recommend that you don’t act like an asshole when you’re in Austin.

The first set of responses we received came from Shakey Graves, Wild Child, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, Kopecky Family Band, the Night Beats, Black Taxi, Henry + The Invisibles, and Ume. There will be many more to come! ________________________________________________________________


  1. I am in the kitchen of the first house I have found and rented on my own in Austin (even though I was born and raised here).
  2. “The Odessa Tapes” – The Flatlanders
  3. Wicked Saber!
  4. Sleep.
  5. Always make sure to plan an escape route, and never run out of gas.



  1. We are currently sitting in Kelsey’s bedroom. She is hanging up Christmas lights while Bobby, her scantily clad fiancé, sexily walks around the room to country music. I am sitting on the couch typing on my new Macbook Air. It is very light and I am enjoying the battery life.
  2. I guess the first thing that comes to mind is Alt J. Yes, definitely Alt J’s “An Awesome Wave.” The next one that comes to mind is definitely Frank Ocean. While I type this Kelsey said Fiona Apple’s new album. Definitely Fiona Apple. And now we just thought of another one; Jack White’s Blunderbuss. Oh and also Scissor Sister’s new album.
  3. Give Us Drugs. Privite Jetz. Statutory Grape.
  4. Well for sure releasing our new album “The Runaround.” We have one more week in the studio and could not be any more excited about releasing it. We are going to be on the road a lot more this year which we are looking forward to. Also, Arrested Development is coming back on and so is Game of Thrones.
  5. Always make sure to spit, and never swallow.



  1. On the toilet in a motel in Arcata, CA.
  2. The new Tommy Santee Klaws album. The new Mynabirds album has some great songs. Same with the new Tame Impala.
  3. I dunno. Wiggy Bardust and the Coackroaches from Pluto.
  4. Going to Japan. Cross fingers. Knock on wood.
  5. Always make sure to see Shakey Graves perform as much as possible, and never say “y’all” unless you mean it.



  1. Riding in the van on the way to load in for our show at Lola’s Saloon in Ft. Worth.
  2. Lonerism (Tame Impala), Maraqopa (Damien Jurado), Bloom (Beach House)… it was a good year for music, I think.
  3. Kopecky Family Electric Sunshine Band
  4. We’re looking forward to seeing cities that we didn’t get to see last year (and the ones that we did!), touring with new friends, continuing the hunt for the best pizza in the universe, aaand festivals!
  5. Always make sure to stop by Spider House Coffee, and never challenge the authority of parking attendants.
  • Next Austin show: TBA

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Whiskey Shivers’ Hawg Falcon Variety Show at Antone’s 12/11

Whiskey Shivers’ Hawg Falcon Variety Show at Antone’s 12/11

You wake up in a cold sweat. The sweet perfusion of whiskey drips down your temples and the remnants gurgle in your belly. “God, I’m never drinkin’ again,” they all say. But then you think how you got here—a night full of boot stompin’, hand clappin’ and wettin’ your whistle with Jameson—and you realize the Whiskey Shivers are all worth the morning after.

Austin’s magnetic force pulled Andrew, Bobby, Horti, James and Joe from all across the country to band together and take the folky bluegrass scene by a bottle of whiskey. Thus, the aptly named Whiskey Shivers became a natural fit for a boozy good time.

“We recorded some songs and kind of ended up with a sound that’s… different,” upright bassist Andrew VanVoorhees said. “We were just getting drunk and playing together; we like our whiskey. Though we didn’t realize the consequences of putting ‘whiskey’ in our name. There are some nights you don’t want to have to take the obligatory whiskey shot from the audience.”

After one drunken meeting with Antone’s manager, John, Whiskey Shivers established a residency that began Nov. 6 and will come to its sobering end Dec. 18. Every Tuesday night, Whiskey Shiver’s Hawg Falcon Variety Show has featured local artists, comedians and various performers all in the name of charity. The five-dollar admission price is donated to youth programs like Attendance Records, Austin Bat Cave and Girls Rock Austin, which VanVoorhees believes is disappearing from the curriculum in schools.

“We get the chance to jam with all of our buddies,” VanVoorhees said. “We get to call up all these great bands, who are also really awesome people and get to spend the night with them and do something we care about. It’s a really positive experience.”

Photo via Wild Child on Facebook

The infamous Wild Bill who dons awesome homemade shirts like, “I fail every day” continues to play host for the second to last show on Dec. 11 that features Whiskey Shivers and fellow Austin bands Wild Child, Hello Wheels and The Bluebird Specials, as well as folk singer Sam Hadfield.

Although some may say Tuesday nights are not ideal for whiskey and a night of mild chaos, some say what better day than a Tuesday. Whether it be in the spirit of charity, supporting Wild Child’s kickstarter for their new album, The Runaround, or in the name of following a mantra like Whiskey Shiver’s Bobby does, “If venture finds you, venture,” the Hawg Falcon Variety Show is sure to call upon your spirit animal, or at the least, entertain you. Let’s get weird. 

Be sure to click ‘I Like It’ on the Do512 event listing for a chance to win a pair of tickets!

- via Courtney Goforth


If you’re reading this post, I can assume you have eyes and you can see the poster above, so I don’t have to explain in great detail why Utopiafest is going to rule this year. You guys, it’s gonna rule real hard. White Denim? Wild Child? Ben Kweller? DR. FREAKING DOG? Yeah, man. Hard-ruling is going to happen.

For those of you who’ve never been — Utopiafest is a music and arts festival in Utopia, Texas on a 1,000-acre ranch. It’s BYOB, there’s free camping and free parking, tons of music and it goes down rain or shine, baby.

This year, this is what’s new and different — tickets are capped at 1,800 (hurry up dummy), no musical overlap, two main stages, no lines, yoga, twice as many porta potties (and twice as many cleanings of them), more kids activities, silent discos and more showers. OH, OH and disc golf! They’re bringing back disc golf this year with a 9-hole course and classes. Check that info here.

Here’s the schedg.
 There are less than 300 tickets left, and the festival is about a week away. Get those tickets HERE!

Crooks Record Release @ Antone’s 5/19 – w/ Wild Child and Wood & Wire

Austin’s outlaw country heroes Crooks have big things on the horizon.  The group is releasing their debut album, “The Rain Will Come,” this week and they’re throwing a blowout record release party at Antone’s on May 19th.  Best known for their stripped down country-blues that harkens back to Hank Williams Sr. and Townes Van Zandt, Crooks has managed to establish a large and growing fan-base.  In the last year, the band has played Fun Fun Fun Fest, shared the stage with Deer Tick and Gary Clark Jr., and was chosen as “Best New Local Act,” by the Austin Chronicle Critics’ Poll.

Front man Josh Mazour started out playing bass in a garage rock band, but was not writing songs at the time.  He walked away from music for several years before returning with a renewed focus in country music.  The original incarnation of Crooks was a two-piece, but the band has now evolved into a four piece made up of Sam Alberts (guitar/trumpet/mandolin/banjo/piano), Rob Bacak (drums) and Andrew Vanvoorhees (stand-up bass), with an accordion player joining sometimes.  Mazour says his songwriting continues to grow, and the debut album reflects that. He talks about wanting to write more traditional country songs, but he says his attitude about his music changes frequently. “That’s the whole thing with songwriting — you can do whatever the hell you want.”

Also on the bill is another band with major buzz of late is local indie-folk outfit Wild Child.  The band consists of six players who all play off each other, accenting soulful vocals and folk-infused instrumentation with lush strings, keys, bells, banjo and percussion. Wild Child recently graced the stage at the Do512 Lounge for an unforgettable performance in which you can watch a clip of below.

Opening the show at Antone’s is Wood & Wire, a trio featuring mostly bluegrass & Americana with swing elements and original music.  The band’s live show features everything from three part harmonies to ripping fast instrumentals. They mix an array of bluegrass traditionals along with original music written by Matt Slusher and Tony Karmel.

So come out to Antone’s this Saturday, May 19th for a stellar lineup of some of the city’s finest country and bluegrass artists. Click “I Like It” for the chance to win one of three pairs of free tickets!