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Austin Zipline Adventure of a Lifetime on Lake Travis

As you read in the title-this is a lifetime experience. Zip-lining is the closest thing to human flight! I mean, who’s going to pass up flying? Quick-poll the people around you; I guarantee the majority wishes they could fly. What superpower do you wish you had? FLIGHT! So read on to learn more about how you can check this adventure off your bucket list while simultaneously becoming your very own superhero.

Woah, Bro! I'm totally Bro-ing down on this Zippity Do Da Day!

When you visit Lake Travis Austin Zipline on Facebook you are immediately prompted to like them. However, if you like them before the end of Memorial Day, Austin Zipline will subsequently donate $2 to Wounded Warrior Project in your honor. All you have to do is click and you will be apart of helping reach their ultimate goal of $6000 for this noble cause.

Now on to the adventure! There are 5 different zip lines to choose from ranging from 250ft to 2000ft long all for the price of $89.00 per adventurer. Not only do you get to experience the gift of flight, but you also get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery that Lake Travis has to offer. We’re talking flora, and not to mention fauna of the Texas Hillcountry variety. You are also encouraged to bring a picnic basket/cooler full of goodies. Your entire family can enjoy the 10 acre waterfront paradise, chalked full with beach games and water sports. If you happen to be a vampire, worry not Lestat, Austin Zipline also offers full moon zips. No, it doesn’t mean you suit up pants-less , butt (see what I did there?) you can gear up with glow in the dark decoratives to light your way into the midnight sky-cue the techno.

Sounds fun! Make your reservations ASAP and don’t forget to like/donate for free with Lake Travis Austin Zipline.